is damascus better than carbon steel

I am often asked “is damascus better than carbon steel for my blade?”

The simple answer is “any mono-steel (like carbon) is generally stronger and will hold an edge longer”. However, Damascus Steel is beautiful and very suitable for the highest quality knife blade! Damascus is layered from thin folds of hi-carbon steel and hammered and folded many times. Mono steel is one single thick piece (not folded). 

This folding and hammering creates the almost hypnotic patterns that damascus is known for. This process includes heating and quenching. It is a form of art and most definitely a science!

Mono-steel can have a hardness that creates a bit of a challenge to get “that perfect edge on”, but it holds up well in extreme applications like survival and tactical where your knife may be used more like an axe, chisel or can opener as well as hunting and defense.

Damascus is perfect for all other knives, especially hunting knives. There is nothing like holding a custom knife in your hand and knowing that many generations will treasure it for its beauty and practicality!

Every knife I make is of heirloom quality and I use only the highest quality blade material regardless of type.