They say “do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life”

Well I love a lot of things & I have worked very hard, but there is only one thing I enjoy more than handcrafting knives, and my wife would not be happy if I told you about that!


I suppose you could call me a student of nature. I have a fascination and respect for the endless variety of materials available to us. The everyday examples of beauty and strength I see when I look around at the world.

Some materials need to be persuaded with fire and pressure, like the steel that will become the heart of the knife. Other materials need to be worked with a less deliberate approach, like a piece of 5,000 year old bog wood that will become the handle or the leather that will form the sheath to protect both you and the knife from damage.

To craft a knife is to ask nature to cooperate in a way that blends individual parts into a tool that will represent protection, survival and history to the person who carries it. This is an awesome responsibility that I take very serious.

I made my first knife from a kit over 10 years ago.